blender resources

tutorial playlist this is my youtube playlist of any tutorials i found useful. mostly blender tutorials but theres some other random stuff there too
dikko's blender modeling tutorials this is the tutorial series i followed to learn how to make more complex models for animation.
dikko's blender rigging tutorials how i learned to rig
Ian Hubert's lazy tutorial playlist 1 minute intermediate blender tutorials and tips, some very cool stuff in here.
easy character modeling tutorial easier method for quick character modeling.
toon shaders best toon shader tutorial i found, also easy method for doing those outlines
Ɓukasz Rusinek's youtube channel grease pencil rigging ideas
Default Cube's youtube channel just a ton of tutorials, i found some of them interesting and informative
Andrew Price podcast ft William Landgren had some cool tips relating to cameras in blender, photorealism, and also talking about motivation
askNK's youtube channel a buncha blender addons
worthikids grease pencil tutorial creator of bigtop burger tells ya how to 2d animate in blender
bryson mcbee's stylized retro blender tutorial best tutorial ive found for retro video game looking graphics. so far.

other resources

jack stauber animation process short guide on how jack stauber makes his 2D animations. i thought it was interesting
cutewebgraphics on tumblr a tumblr collection of over 6000 88x31 buttons
Chromium Text Logo Generator silly looking text generator
3DS Hacks Guide how to hack your 3ds. definitely reccomend
ClickMonitorDDC download freeware to change your screen brightness if windows is sucking for you
Ultime GBA VC Injector for 3DS how to put gba games on 3ds ( i did this for mother 3)
online texture ripper self explanitory
poor mans 3d printing alternatives guide lengthy post about how to not 3D print things, for cosplay etc.
how to draw simplified hands - jackie droujko pretty good tutorial on drawing hands
ezgif image sequence to gif maker. (best way to get transparent gifs from blender fast?)

html resources

draggable elements tutorial on "the beast"
iframes how to have a 1 page website using i frames (my set up right now) (dont judge me this took me a while to figure out)